Firewood Online Terms of Service


It is understood when purchasing firewood from Firewood Online that you have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • ‘Firewood Online’ is our business trading name
  • ‘Firewood Online’ is the name that will appear on cardholder statements
  • ‘Firewood Online’ is the name advised on the payment record
  • ‘Firewood Online’ is the name that will appear on your statement


The legal name ‘Firewood Online’ is registered under is:

  • PJ Broughan trading as Firewood Online


The physical address of ‘Firewood Online is:

  • Firewood Online.
    New Zealand


Firewood Online business and customer service details are:

  • Email:


  • Firewood Online is a New Zealand owned and operated business.
  • All transactions will be billed in New Zealand Dollars.
  • This is not an on-going subscription. Every time a customer makes a purchase, this is counted as a separate transaction.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Dry firewood is defined as firewood with a moisture content of 25% or less.
  • Seasoned firewood is defined as firewood that has been left to dry in log form in our yard.
    The moisture content may vary from log to log and some additional drying time may be necessary. Ideal for late winter.
    This wood is not covered under the 100% Guaranteed dry.
  • Firewood sold as “This Firewood is for burning in Winter 2021” Will need to be stored in a well ventilated place to ensure it is fully dry.
    This wood is not covered under the 100% Guaranteed dry.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the correct wood and dryness for their needs.
  • Firewood is subject to availability.



  • Firewood Online accepts Visa, MasterCard and AfterPay.
  • Firewood Online will supply relevant payment information in the confirmation email and the delivery invoice.
  • When having wood delivered, payment terms is before delivery or by arrangement only.
  • Your account will be charged in NZD.



  • Delivery cost will be included in quoted amount, unless stated otherwise.
    If actual delivery location is different from previously advised by the customer, additional charges may apply.
  • Firewood Online delivers wood in an area-by-area delivery schedule.
    Firewood Online will attempt to deliver to you at your desired delivery time, however, they cannot guarantee this during busy periods.
  • Firewood Online will confirm with the person named in the order before delivery.
  • At the time of confirmation it is possible for the card holder to cancel the transaction,
    provided this is confirmed in writing to Firewood Online via the following email address:
  • Delivery times during busy periods may be as much as 10 days, but normally up to 5 days.
    Please contact us to find out the current delivery time frame before ordering if delivery time is important.
  • Deliveries may be weather dependent.
  • Main delivery area is within the greater Manawatu area.


Refund Policy:

  • Orders can only be cancelled prior to the order being loaded into a delivery vehicle.
  • If payment was made using a Credit Card a 3% fee will apply and be deducted from your refund.


Order Cancellation Policy:

  • We retain the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason.


Replacement/Warranty Policy:

  • Firewood Online must be notified within 24 hours of delivery’ if delivery does not match the customer’s order, be either quantity or quality.
  • The true cost of collection will be exempt from any refund if the product is deemed fit for purpose.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to store firewood once delivered in a manner which will not impair the customer’s ability to burn firewood.
    Ideally away from sources of moisture (water/rain) and in a well ventilated place.