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Macrocarpa has a relatively slow burn time, with medium to high heat output. This firewood is good for starting your fire and good to mix with pine. Avoid macrocarpa if you have an open fire as it’s prone to sparking.
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Pine is a softwood, therefore it’s a good choice to mix with hardwoods such as gum. Pine burns quickly and has a moderate heat output. It lights easily and is easy to split for kindling. It is also light and easy to handle.
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Gum is an excellent firewood choice. It is slow burning with exceptionally high heat output. Pine is a great choice to mix with gum firewood as it is a softwood that lights easily and is good for kindling.
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Pine + Gum Mix

This mix of soft and hardwoods will provide you with a long burn time and high heat value. Pine can act as great kindling so you’ll be able to get your fire started and keep it going with this mix.
Firewood Online Pine and Macrocarpa Mix

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Pine + Macrocarpa Mix

With both soft and medium densities included, this hot mix will provide you with a medium-long burn time and high heat output.